Capitalism relies on us being dissociated / disembodied / disconnected. I’ve been reflecting on my personal process of relating to the question “what are your access needs?” and seeing that when I say “none,” it’s often because: a) i am ignoring my needs (and harming myself in the process), or b) i don’t even know what my needs are because i am getting through life half dissociated and disconnected from my body. I’ve been trained this way for my whole life! Probably most of you have, too.

I am wondering about all the various schools of somatics that are so popular right now. Somatic Experiencing. Generative Somatics. I think there are some others, too. One person I asked about these warned me that the trainings are likely to not be very accessible. This makes me laugh for the sheer oxymoron of it. But also angry that even in these systems about being embodied, ableism proliferates. Adrienne Maree Brown‘s chapter on Fractals in Emergent Strategy is running through my mind. Access and disabiilty justice need to be at the center of what we do here and now if we want to grow these things in the world.