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Fat Farm: Memories of 6 East

Fat Farm is a comic series I began in 2003 — and continued in 2019 — about my real-life experiences as a fat, white, queer young person living in a psychiatric institution. Their original printed format is 5.5″ x 4.25″. You might still find some paper versions for sale at Fat Lib Ink.

Content note! These comics portray abuse of fat and queer kids, psychiatric violence, sexuality, gender oppression, fat hatred, forced starvation dieting.

FaT GiRL zine, 1994-1996

These were my first comics, made specifically for FaT GiRL, a zine a group of us made in San Francisco and sent all over the world.

i was a fat kid. From FaT GiRL #1, 1994
Chainsaw. From FaT GiRL #2, 1994
Things to Do on a Rainy Day, From Fat GiRL #3, 1995
Fat Dyke Action, from Fat GiRL #4, 1995
The Diarrhea of My Mind, from FaT GiRL #6, 1996